Sheila Bownas

At an auction in 2008, Chelsea Cefai purchased an entire collection of surface pattern designs from the late English artist, Sheila Bownas. Bownas was a prolific artist, having paintings exhibited in The Royal Academy of Arts and designs bought by Liberty of London, Marks and Spencer and Crown Wallpapers to name but a few. Having previously worked for an art gallery and museum, Chelsea recognised the importance of keeping this collection together and preserving it for the future.

The archive dates back to the 1950s and spans 30 years.┬áMuch of Sheila’s work has not been in production for over half a century. Working with British Designer Makers and craftsmen, Chelsea is faithfully bringing a selection of her patterns back to life.

I have collaborated with the Sheila Bownas archive several times, most recently on the West Riding collection released in April 2015 which can be bought here. Please enquire about other pieces at Our collaborative work has gained attention from various press including The Independent and The Times.

SB Collection 2015 028

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pendant 2

Alice drum Paula

Alice 1

Stella Drum2

Stella floor

stella floor detail3

Stella Table Lamp

Ida collection