As you would expect from a renowned  interior designer, Paula Gowar of Balance Design has an impossibly beautiful home.

paula gowar home

Paula and I became acquainted on twitter, each fans of the others work, and i was delighted when she got in touch to commission a shade for a fabulous 70s glass lamp she’d picked up for her kitchen.

She wanted something with scale and presence, but for it to sit in her sleek kitchen without being dominant or ostentatious. I suggested one of my plain linen shades lined with bold print. We discussed shapes and pattern, and decided on a dramatic tall slim shape with a wonderful large scale painterly floral lining.

Paula Gowar Finnish

Paula Gowar commission off

This style of lamp is so great for lots of spaces as when the light is off, you see a crisp white linen shade, perfectly crafted. Then you get an element of surprise with a wonderfully bold lining. This means you can have have a  striking and unique piece without it dominating the space.



When the light is on, the pattern in the lining shines through the linen beautifully creating an extra layer of interest.

Paula Gowar commission on new