Claire came to me for a standard lamp after spending a good while perusing my website. She really liked Madge with her saturated opaque wool and long fine fringe.

Madge_202 com

However, the pink was too red toned for her room, and the shade felt a little mean in size for a standard lamp in her well proportioned room.┬áSo after looking at the photos of her living room, I sourced a gorgeous English magenta wool – milled in Lancashire – for the fabric, and wrapped in around a supersize raw copper frame. Claire loved it. Here is some of the hand stitching taking place- over 2 metres in circumference around the base!

selt 3

Fine bullion fringe in shades of metallic grey completed the shade.

selt 1

It stood upon one of my hand turned bases, turned by a craftsmen with 5 generations of turning in the family and then finished with British brass and textile flex.

selt 6

“Zoe, we love it. Thank you so much”.

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