March 2015

Due to popular demand, I snook in one last shade school before taking a much needed maternity break to have my beautiful spring baby.


My day started early with baking a huge round of flapjacks to keep our energy up for all that hand stitching!

IMG_3817 (3)

When everyone had arrived and the all important tea had been made, there were some difficult fabric decisions to make, selecting from Guthrie Ghani‘s huge range of gorgeous cottons and my own collection of fine fringe and trims.

IMG_3825 (2)

Teaching then began in earnest covering frame wrapping, pattern making, pattern cutting, machine stitching panels, hand stretching skins and hand stitching fabric and trims -phew!

IMG_3834 (3)

There’s lots of one to one time so that everyone leaves feeling confident that they can recreate their shade magic back at home.


And here we are at the end of the day! All skins stretched and stitched, fringes chosen and sealed, ready to be completed at home. Note that 8 month pregnant belly!