Chelsea Cefai is a long time friend and collaborator whose beautiful Victorian home has featured in many magazines.

chelsea living room

After buying a gorgeous marble console for her living room, she asked if i’d make her something rather wonderful to sit atop it. I was delighted to!

vintage shawl 4

In my vast fabric collection was a very special vintage piano shawl: Exquisitely hand embroidered, threadbare in places,a piece that had real history. Such a special fabric deserves to be kept until it’s found it’s new home. It was perfect for Chelsea.

vintage shawl 2

After wrapping an umbrella frame in cotton tape, I chalked a pattern for the frame, cut the fabric and hand stitched it to repurpose this beautiful fabric into a shade.

chelsea shawl

Vintage piano shawl 1c. jpg

Black fine fringe was hand stitched to the base to add drama and to cast the most wonderful shadows across the room. It was wonderful to breathe life back into an old fabric.

chelsea shawl shadows